Puppy Breath

First off, welcome to My Pittyfull World… where I will share about daily life with a my husband, a 3-year-old and 9 week old pitbull, love, workouts, health, favorite recipes, funny stories and more. I will solely write as if we are having a conversation. I am doing this more for me although hoping someone will enjoy reading it.

So as I mentioned we have 1 3-year-old, that’s a guess. She was abandoned, found by my MIL’s (mother-in-law; p.s. she calls me DIL pickle… get it? daughter-in-law) co-worker, where my, then boyfriend, said we would take her. Little did he know, this dog would become my side-kick and soul pup, named Hazel. I about cried when he gave her to me, one of the best days ever. With that being said we think she is about 3 turning 4 sometime in 2017. Hazel is very anxious, not trusting, happy, healthy girl. She recently had TPLO surgery, where her torn ACL was fixed. We are on week 11 of 12 of recovery and I think she is finally back to being her normal self. That is another blog post sometime.

My husband, has been asking for over a year to get another dog. He is sadden that Hazel has attached herself to me. Even though she didn’t live with me for about 2 years, just weekend visits while I was finishing college. He doesn’t understand why she choose me, when he was with her the entire time, I can’t explain it either. So…. he is hoping for the same connection to our new pup. I decided to get this dog for him/us after I saw a picture on New Years Day from a friends rescue in Skiatook, Oklahoma. She is a 9 week old pitbull/blue heeler mix, named Merle. We picked her up this weekend, survived the first night and full day. She did great last night, sleeping most of the night and only crying for a few minutes. We have played, peed and ate all day. She is so sweet and smart, with the best puppy breath. I am not sure of any other way to describe it but that it’s puppy breath. It only lasts while their puppies eventually turning into something nasty older dog breath. For right now, we will enjoy it.


More to come… Goodnight all. -E.W.


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