My No Alcohol & No Sweets Challenge… and more

Well, I’m back on my challenge of no alcohol and no sweets. I did this before Christmas for 3 weeks. Then I started it again after New Years for another 4 weeks or so. I indulged, way indulged, this weekend for our 2 year wedding anniversary, which is actually Tuesday. So I will re-start on Monday until the end of February for my birthday.

You may ask why… well I have found that I feel a lot better if I don’t have these things. I usually only drank on the weekends while we would always, always, always have sweets at work. Does anyone else have that issue?! Eat healthy at home, away from work, but it seems 10x harder at work?! Ugh. It is a challenge for me. We’re always having parties with great food. I work with some amazing cooks/bakers. Anyway, I feel a lot better, my workouts feel more productive and I’m less “bloaty”during the week. Now, note we did buy some Girl Scout cookies so I may have had a few of those during my time of no sweets. But I limited myself to 1 a day, if I wanted one.

If you’re interested in doing this with me, comment below! Maybe I can start a small group!

My Dietitian training, we learn to teach “there is no such thing as a bad food.” I don’t like to have people limit or take anything out of their diet. Some people will say well McDonalds is a “bad food” place. No, it is the amount and how consistent you are in eating McDonalds. If you’re eating it everyday all the time, yes there are better food options. But this doesn’t mean you can’t go have a classic American cheeseburger every once in a while.  A good way to think about healthy eating, it is a lifestyle choice. Everything you put into you mouth is a choice. You get to choose the things you fuel your body. Most people are surprised by how better they feel by making easy diet changes. Our bodies are pretty amazing things. —Also, if you bought into one of those cleanses for the New Year, it’s a bunch of crap. If you have a working liver and kidney you’re getting “detoxed” everyday all day. You feel like crap because you probably over ate over the holidays (guilty). So put on your walking shoes, grab your pup and go for walk, you’ll feel better soon. And drink more water. Most people are walking around dehydrated. Our brains read the hormones for thirst and hunger almost the same way. So before you grab for those chips for a snack at 3pm tomorrow, grab some water, see how you feel after. You probably won’t want those chips anymore.

Pupdate: Merle and Hazel are now used to each other. It is officially one week since we got Merle, and she turned 10 weeks this week. They seem to be adjusting well. Hazel is just exhausted every night. We are still working on potty crate training but she will get it soon, I’m sure. Merle likes to wake up at 2am and 4:30/5:00am now. I have went in a couple of times this week at 2am to calm her down. She did eventually go back to sleep. This week, we are not going to give in when she cries. We will attempt to hang tough. She is sleeping in her crate in the next room, while Hazel has to sleep next to me. I think it is helping her realize she isn’t being replaced. I’m not sure if Merle would do better in our room in the crate, but we may give it a try. To see daily pictures check out the Instagram or Facebook pages linked on the side of the blog. Both are called PittyTails.


One thought on “My No Alcohol & No Sweets Challenge… and more

  1. I’m still hanging tough on no sweets (and only adult beverages on the weekends). Starting fifth week I think. Also very minimal bread items. I think only thin pizza crust a couple of times since I started. I do feel much less bloaty!


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