Another Surgery… round two. 

Well Hazel, our oldest 3ish, has to have another TPLO (tibial plateau leveling osteotomy) surgery. Meaning she basically tore her ACL- of dogs had them, which they don’t. She tore her right leg back in October. Then last week we had done it again. I think there was about an 80% chance she would do tear the other. I just hoped we be the “lucky” ones… not so much. 

So this means March 9th- earliest date we could get her in- we will go for surgery. She says the night then we are on full house arrest. No playing, running, jumping. Leash walking outside. Then crated most the time. Which she loves her crate so that isn’t too bad for her, as it’s more sad for me. For now we are on some pain meds, leash walking and limiting activity. She was just recovered from the other so I thought we had the “all clear.” I’m not sure if it’s worse on me or us. It’s hard seeing her sad and wanting to play but not letting her. We will get through this!

This is right after the first surgery. 

More to come…



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