No such thing as a bad food

Eating healthy and enjoying life’s celebrations can be tough. As a dietitian we are taught about the major impact of food in everyone’s lives. We have to eat to live!

There is no such thing as a bad food! Only over consumption and portion sizes. Let me clarify a bit here. Yes of course some foods lack fewer nutrients than others, which could make them “good vs bad.” Although, you can still enjoy your MacDonald’s burger and fries every now and then. When we are eating these things constantly, that’s when it can become and issue with your health. Eating more nutrient dense foods are better for your body overall. So enjoy the great foods we have, maybe less often as treats! (Not cheats!)

I recently celebrated a lot. We had our 2 year wedding anniversary, 2 weeks later Valentine’s, 2 weeks later my birthday. All while I was trying to avoid alcohol and sweets. I still fed my body healthy food during the week. Indulging more on weekend celebrations– things we haven’t done in some time. I enjoyed myself! I do not feel guilty. I did not make myself go workout due to “bad food choices.” That is not a way to live. Workouts should never be a punishment but more a reward for your body. It’s amazing what our bodies can do! Reward yourself with a great sweat while enjoying the endorphins after.

During my weeks full indulging I noticed my mood was very different. I was a lot more tired and things irritated me when they might not have before. I found this interesting. When I gave my body real nutrient dense foods that taste great my mood, view on the world and everyday life were so much better. I was so much more positive toward myself and my body. What a great thing to notice about myself. Anyone else have this too?

Thanks for reading— E.W.


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