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What 2 Years Of Marriage Has Taught Me

Tuesday the 31st was our 2 year wedding anniversary. The 2nd year flew by even faster than the 1st. Our “gift” to each other was another dog, another 15+ year commitment. She is a great present and brings lots of laughter into our daily lives. In prepping for this post I asked the Husband what he has learned here are his answers…

1- “It’s okay to disagree… I didn’t really learn this but its something that I have had to do more often.” Which is true. I think I married one of the most opinionated people. ever. Which can be very tiring and frustrating at times. But overall we agree on most things!

2. “I have to communicate more with you… meaning I can’t just say ‘okay’ or ‘yes’ to you I have to elaborate things” which is very true. If he just answers yes to something usually I will ALWAYS ask another question because that answer was not enough information for me.

3. “At the end of the day we are still a team.” I thought this was a great one. He is right. No matter what we are in this life together. So no matter what happened that day we are still a team, even if it feels like we are on defense for while.

Here are mine.

1. I have to be very very specific in my communication with him. Heres an example. I went to run some errands one day, before I left i said can you vacuum the floors. Now to me, I mean anything on the floor that can be vacuumed – which is everything. All types of floor, carpets, and rugs. When I got back I asked did you do the floors, after noticing something on the rugs… he said “yes.” I said “did you do the rugs and carpets?” He said “no, you didn’t say that…” Therefore I learned always say EXACTLY what you want done and how. Or else don’t be upset when he did it, when I wasn’t specific.

2. You don’t always have to be right, even though if feels so good when you are. As mentioned in his answer about disagreeing, there are many times I know I am right but just let it slide because it’s not worth it. Choose your battles.

3. Have your “me” time. Yes we’re married, yes we love each other, yes we spend a lot of time together. But we have to do some things alone. I have my workouts, he does too. I take Hazel for walks alone. I watch TV shows alone (Gilmore Girls). We have shows we watch together and will walk the dogs together but the time alone for a bit makes the time together even better. (we do more than just watch tv and walk the dogs together, btw) We are also different in this aspect that we are both only children. So, we both grew up never having to share anything. I think we have done a good job together on that. Although being only children makes us want to have “me” time more often than others, probably. This works for us, so that’s all that matters.



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